EduCAD allow you to build your imaging diagnostic pathway on the basis of clinical evidence and appropriateness criteria for the use of noninvasive/invasive tests.

To reach your conclusion:

  • you will be forced to evaluate the patient’s description.
  • afterwards you will be able to choose your multimodal pathway (going directly to diagnosis or choosing a single or a combination of non-invasive or invasive tests before going to the diagnosis and treatment).
  • two constraints limit your pathway:
    •  only one of the available functional tests can be chosen.
    •  non-invasive imaging is not allowed after invasive test.

At each imaging step, you will have to possibility to have a look to the EduCAD result and opinion. Moreover, your conclusion and pathway will be compared to the EduCAD experts, in order to improve your following clinical evaluation.

For a detailed description of the EduCAD rules, please download instructions here and then try to play choosing among several clinical cases !!



NOTE: This first EduCAD release is developed using Flash technology. A web browser with a Flash Player version 10, or later, is required on all OS (Windows, Mac or Linux). Flash technology is not supported, on iPhone and iPad, by Safari mobile.