eduCAD is a project  dedicated to young physicians/doctors for training in the appropriate use of multimodal imaging technology for diagnosis of ischaemic heart disease.

The learning section offers you:

Choose a case, play and learn with eduCAD !

The general idea of the training among the clical cases is:


Choose your diagnostic pathway on the basis of clinical evidence and appropriateness criteria for the use of non-invasive/invasive imaging tests.

Diagnosis and Therapy

Reach your clinical conclusion based on your choice of the available anatomo-functional imaging exams. Make a decision on appropriate therapy.

Expert Opinion

Compare your pathway and your conclusion with the opinion of the EVINCI specialists.


NOTE: This first EduCAD release is developed using Flash technology. A web browser with a Flash Player version 10, or later, is required on all OS (Windows, Mac or Linux). Flash technology is not supported, on iPhone and iPad, by Safari mobile.