April 2012: EduCAD Meeting in Brussels

Bruxelles picture


The first EduCAD meeting took place in Brussels in April 2012. It has been joined by several participants of EVINCI study, experts in clinical and multimodal cardiac imaging, and by European Society of Cardiology.

This meeting has been fundamental to define the last EduCAD version, in order to include all multimodal information important for educational purposes, and to trace to roadmap for clinical cases validation and EduCAD publication.

The discussion of EduCAD tool through the presented clinical cases and has been an interesting and exciting opportunity for a large and positive discussion around the multimodal cardiac imaging and clinical evaluation without missing the educational target.

Follow us in the News section in order to keep you updated about the next EVINCI and EduCAD meetings important  for improving the discussion around multimodal cardiac imaging. Next EVINCI meeting will be placed in Madrid at end of June.