From Russia with ... eduCAD

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On May 22th Russian cardiologists and experts in cardiac imaging attended the first EduCAD session, organized by EACVI and GE Healthcare. 45 doctors came to discuss new trends in cardiovascular imaging and learn holistic approach on hand-on session with Dr Danilo Neglia, Prof Richard Underwood and Natalia Maroz-Vodolazhskaya. This event took place in Federal Medical and Research Center n.a. V.A.Almazov, Saint Petersburg.

In the first part Russian experts Prof. E.Shkolnik, Prof. D.Ryzhkova and Dr. I.Arkhipova talk about state-of-art methods in cardiac imaging. Prof. R.Underwood, Dr. D.Neglia and Dr. N.Maroz-Vodolazhskaya presented several clinical cases and supported the “Meet with experts” discussion. We received a very positive feedback from all the attendees. The second event EduCAD team and GE Healthcare plan to present at the Russian Society of Cardiologists Congress in September 2015, Moscow.